Four months have passed since I wrote here  for the last time. I would like to say that I’ve been so busy and cheerful that I haven´t had time to sit down and write some words. But it would be a lie. I haven´t done it because I’ve been so idle and dispirited than I didn´t want to write anything in that mood. Does it mean I’m feeling better? No. Well, maybe a little better – at least there’re days when I find something that makes me smile. But I spend the most part of the time thinking about how I’ve wasted the last twelve years fighting for a dream that has finally become a nightmare. Twelve years of making efforts and sacrifices, not only me but my family and even my friends. Years of sleepless nights and hard work thinking about the final reward. And now I’ve got it: unemployed and with no prospects. What more could I ask for?

Anyway, I’ve always tried to be positive  and I would like to finish this entry with some music -one of those things, if not the only one, that puts a smile on my face. And as the song says “maybe things will change tomorrow”. Enjoy it.