In these days of fear and anger I need to look for cheerful things to banish those gloomy thoughts from my mind -at least for a while. And one of those things is an old tale I heard about a few months ago. It is an Asian belief (particulary popular in China and Japan) known as “the red  string of fate” or “the red thread of destiny”.

According to the legend, the Gods tie a red thread (invisible to human eye, of course) around the ankles of those who are destinated to meet each other, regardless of time, place or circunstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break. Some people believe this is only about lovers, but other people think that this string is for anyone and the reason why those who are connected have to meet is to help each other in some way.

I don´t really believe in destiny but I think it’s a beautiful thing to imagine: there’s someone, somewhere, who will need your help someday and you will help him, even if you don´t know you’re doing it.


PS. I’m sorry if I’ve made any mistakes (I’m sure I have) but sometimes it’s the only way to learn so feel free to let me know about those mistakes if you want. But, please, don´t be too harsh -my heart is a fragile thing. Thanks!