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It’s been a long time since I wrote for the last time. The main reason is I had nothing important to talk about (if we asume I’ve ever said something valuable). But almost a week ago I spent a few hours doing one of the things I love the most: I went to a concert. A few years ago (when I was young) I used to write my own reviews of the concerts I attended. I never tried to be a journalist but it was the way I had to share my feelings and experiences with others, and let them know how wonderful – or dreadful- it had been.

Well, last Friday was one of those wonderful gigs: MAXÏMO PARK’s one. I must admit I wasn´t as “receptive” as I was supposed to be though I don´t know why because I’ve been following them since they released their first album “A Certain Trigger”. Perhaps the circumstances I’m going through, the feeling I’m stuck in my own life and the need to break with the past and move on, made me feel a bit “cautious” about the concert.

The venue was small (but it’s one of my favourites places in Madrid – so many concerts and memories…) and the stage was even smaller but there were enough room for a few  lights and a big pink curtain with the band’s name on it. Plain and direct as the band itself. Less is more!

And then the band went on stage and began to play and in the twinkling of an eye I was  dancing and singing and enjoying like anyone else. All my reservations vanished at a stroke. Those who have never seen them at live can be shocked the first time because their energy, vitality and passion are so infectious that can paralyze you if you’re not prepared. But I was, I’m always ready for music. And Maxïmo Park are always ready to make you vibrate. They’ve got enough experience to play a setlist full of hits – old and new-, to mix the frenetic songs with the slow ones without losing a single second of intensity. They even had the daring to play a B-side, one of those pieces I love even more than the “official” songs.

It was like that situation when you’re meeting an old friend you haven´t met for a long time and you are afraid of how things are going to be because you might have lost that conection you had. But then, as soon as you start to talk to each other you discover that you may have changed but in the same way and you feel as comfortable as ever with each other.

So thanks to Maxïmo Park for such a great show and such a great night. I’ll be waiting for the next time.

P.S: Enjoy the song and forgive my mistakes!