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I watched “Life of Pi” -the last Ang Lee’s film- a couple of days ago and I have to say that it’s one of the most powerful, colourful, magical, deep, moving and exciting films I’ve seen recently. I hugely recommend it to anyone who, at least for while, wants to believe in a better world (have a look to the trailer at the end of this post)

But the main thing is that, after watching it, I spent part of the night thinking about how this film could represent, in a methaforical way, the last months of my life. I feel like I’d been travelling in a big ship, one I thought strong enough to keep me safe. But I didn´t realize it was sinking. And suddenly I was in the middle of the sea, lost and frightened. And then I was beaten by an enormous wave that made me feel stunned and confused. I knew I had to swim to save my life but I couldn´t move because all around me looked the same. I didn´t know where was the top and where the bottom, and if I chose the wrong way, I would be swimming to my death. So the fear of making a wrong decision was so strong that paralysed me. But as I felt I was starting to drown, I chose a way and swam. And now I’m still swimming even if I´m not sure I’m doing it in the right direction. But only time will tell if I survive or not. I’ve always believed in happy endings so let’s hope one of those for me too.