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It’s a wonderful subduer, this need of love – this hunger by which nature forces us to submit to the yoke and change the face of the world

This is a fragment of the book ‘The Mill on the Floss’ written by George Elliot (Mary Ann Evans). A friend of mine (thanks Patty!) encouraged me to read the book and, even when I have no time to read as much as I’d like, I’m enjoying it a lot. But, the point is that when I read this fragment a few weeks ago, I realised how little human race has changed in the last centuries. We brag about our evolution but in the main thing, the feelings, we are still the same. This book was written almost 200 years ago and our need of love remains as strong as then. We might have changed our methods and technics to get that love but in the end, we do what we do for love: other’s love and our own love, I mean, self-esteeem.

At the present time, money seems to be the engine of the world but I want to believethat the real motor, the energy that moves the world and makes us go further and higher is love. I’m a naive, I know, but this is the only way I have to keep the little hope I have in the human race.