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  She looked through the window. The autumn was almost done and weather was becoming colder and colder every day. Only a few trees seemed reluctant to let their leaves fly away with the rising wind. The others showed off their naked branches without a trace of shame, quite proudly indeed.

  The sun was to appear on the skyline and only then she realised she had spent several hours there. But lately, time seemed to be more relative than ever because even when minutes and hours went by pretty slowly, days did it so quickly that she had the feeling she was missing something. She couldn’t identify what it was, but she knew it was important, almost vital. But what? That was the most recurrent word in her life: What to think? What to say? What to do?…

  A sudden shiver made her notice how cold she was so she left the window ledge to get a blanket and turned back to sit down, her arms around her knees trying to warm herself.

  Outside, streets were coming to life: shops receiving their goods, people walking on their ways to work, a cafe opening its doors to welcome the first customers… And there she was, waiting for that life to come to her too while everything and everyone seemed to pass her by. The sight of a young woman with a beverage in her hand made her move again, this time to prepare a cup of coffee. That was one of the most relaxing moments she had. A hot tasteful coffee had always had the power to calm down her thoughts but to cheer her up at the same time.

  By the time she returned to the window, the sun had already risen and suggested a sunny but cold day. A good day for a walk…


Note: thanks Patty for your help, you know how much it means to me.