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 It’s funny how coincidence plays with us. A couple of days ago I was talking to my friend Sil about several things (our conversations use to jump from one subject to another and I’m sure they would be even worse if we were face to face, with a tea (she) and a coffee (me) in our hands, but by now, that’s not possible), and one of those things we talked about was the same topic you can find in this article named “Ausencia de halagos” (lack of praise) published in ‘El Pais Semanal’. The article talks about how we avoid praising people when they do something right but how easily we point other’s mistakes. And try to encourage us to congratulate others when they do things right because we all need to be praised sometimes.

  And that’s precisely what I was telling her. We are willing to scold our friends or children or colleagues for their errors but we’re so reluctant to congratulate them for their success or effort… I suppose we think that if they are praised, they’ll become conceited and they will give up working and will do no effort. But a good compliment, a real and honest one, can be the perfect boost to keep them doing what they’re doing and, we have to admit that, in some way, we all need some kind of recognision from those around us. But at the same time, most of us feel uncomfortable or embarrased when someone says something good about us, especially if it’s said in public because we feel it like false and undeserved. Or maybe just because we’re not used to it.

  But from time to time we all deserve to be praised so don’t be afraid of telling or being told a compliment. You’ll be happier and you can make others feel happier.