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 It’s been almost a month since I wrote for the last time. And I think it’s time to do it again. And due to a recent discussion I had a few days ago, I’ve decided to write about this: Why I love ‘Doctor Who’.

 It’s difficult to explain to someone who doesn’t know about ‘Doctor Who’ why I love it. If you try to do it being as objective as you can, you’ll probably get a “WTF-look” on the face you’re talking to. But if you try to do it in a passionate way… you’ll get the same look. So I think, the only way you can do it is trying to persuade them to watch an episode, and, if tis possible, to watch it with you, so you can transmit them your own feelings about it.

 I have to admit that I’ve never been very fond of all this sci-fi stuff. I’ve watched Star Wars and Star Trek… but I cannot call myself a fan. I love superheroes but I prefer fantasy, you know, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter (yes, I’m an adult but I love HP) and, of course, I’m absolutely mad about The Lord Of The Rings (since I read it for the first time when I was eleven years old).

 But as I was saying, sci-fi has never been my “priority” so: why do I like an alien who travels in time and space? Why do I love a mad man in blue box? Well, I suppose it’s because apart from all the planets, the aliens, the stars… it has all the ingredients of a great story: adventure, mystery, action, hate and love. But love in a “higher” level, not just romantic love. Love for life in all its forms and, above all, The Doctor’s love for the human race.

 I can’t help loving him (the character I mean) because of his intelligence, his madness, his sense of humour, his foolishness, his “social ineptitude”, and his pain. He usually hides his real feelings but sometimes you can see and even feel (thanks to the writers and the amazing actors who have performed The Doctor) that anguish. And I’ve laughed so much in every episode… but I’ve cried too and I’ve been really scared! Watching ‘Doctor Who’ I’ve realised how many things frighten me: statues (weeping angels), dolls, puppets, masks, dummies, scarecrows… all, as you can see, objects that pretend to be humans (so, probably, what really scare me are humans).

 So just try it. Watch an episode or two and enjoy yourself! But be careful if you don’t want to be trapped in his world, in his blue box because once you are in… it’s bigger on the inside!! (this joke is only funny for whovians)