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 I had a day off today and I wasn’t sure about what to do with it. I was awaken at 8.30 so it was going to be a long day. And then, I remembered something a friend told me: “Bushy Park is like Richmond Park’s little brother” and since it’s around 20 minutes walking from home, I decided to have a look. And what a look! I’ve spent there the whole day, taking photos, walking, watching deer and ducks and rabbits…

 Bushy Park is really close to Hampton Court (one of my favourites places here in London) and it’s been a Royal Park since 1529 when it was given as a present (Hampton Court included) to Henry VIII, who created a deer chase as he loved hunting. After that, several kings changed some of the paths, planted gardens and built fountains and created the park you can see now.

 Have a look at the pics and, if you can, don’t miss the chance to visit it!!