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 I once met a girl that didn’t look like the others, especially when she was among others. She seemed to be there but, at the same time, she looked like she was far away. People would think about her as shy, sometimes even distant for she usually stayed quiet, listening to what others had to say, smiling from time to time or nodding when she agreed, but she rarely spoke when there were more than two or three people around. If she was just with you, she was a little more different, not in her character, but, apparently, she felt more like talking. And when she did it, you discovered that she was quite smart, and funny, and she knew lots of facts that weren’t useful at all for your daily life but, that were interesting anyway. However, when surrounded by people, she seemed to slowly vanish among them, trying to become unnoticed. Sometimes, using that ability of disappearing in plain sight, she would actually escape from the room, trying to find a quieter place, a hidden space where she could stay for a while, away from the noise. Most of the people thought that was weird but she really needed it. In one of those occasion in which I found her alone, I asked her about it and she told me that she just felt out of place most of the time. I told her that everybody around seemed to like her and enjoy her company but she replied that it was something that she really couldn’t help, that it was beyond her control, feeling she didn’t belong there, she didn’t fit. “I guess that when you don’t feel comfortable with yourself, there is no way you can feel comfortable with others”.