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She was laying there, hidden in the tall grass, looking up to the sky. It was almost the end of the summer, the earth was still warm, the grass changing to golden. The fresh breeze moved it around her like she was being caressed by a familiar hand. The scent of the dry hay bringing back memories of her childhoo: those summers she used to help her grandfather to cut the grass for the cattle. That was a long long time ago. She was happy then, she had the whole world to discover. She wished she could go back the. When everything was new and exciting. Life wasn’t so appealing anymore. Only from time to time something would happen, something thrilling and unexpected; something she would keep in her heart as a treasure to bring some light during the darkest moments. 

Her back on the ground, her arms along her still body feeling the sun on her skin. She smiled when she saw the white cloud across the sky. It looked like a little bird, a sparrow… a robin maybe? It seemed to be so free, flying far away from there. No limits or obstacles could stop its journey. She felt somehow jealous. She wondered how would it feel to be that free. No bonds, no chains. Those invisible chains we create to shackle ourselves. Those mighty chains that cannot be destroy or unfastened by anyone but ourselves. But most of us are too scared to even try because what if we manage to brake the ties? What if we free ourselves? What if we really become architects of our own fate? 

The cloud changed its form slowly until it disappeared completely into the bright blue the same way her momentary hopes of a bright future disappeared into the darkness of her gloomy thoughts. So she stayed there, still, hidden in the tall grass making the most of it while it was still sunny for much more grey days were about to come.